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Beard Equipment Company has been providing worksite solutions to the construction industry for the past 50 years.  Beard Equipment operates one of the largest rental fleets in the Southeast, with locations in South Alabama as well as the North and Central Florida regions.  We are in a unique position to help supplement the fleets of contractors and other segments of the heavy equipment industry.  From general and commercial construction, utilities and governments, road building, manufacturing, and landscaping, Beard Equipment can provide the equipment necessary to fulfill job specifications as well as assist customers in completing their jobs more safely, with less downtime and fewer out of pocket expenses.  Our late model rental inventory is maintained to the highest level and is available for daily, weekly, or monthly terms to contractors of all sizes.  By offering competitive and affordable rental rates, we can provide support and flexibility to achieve the heavy equipment solutions that our customers require. 

Please fill out a Rental Request Form and one of our rental coordinators will contact you.

Click here to read Beard Equipment’s statement regarding COVID-19.