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Beard Equipment staff
William B. Beard Sr. Beard Equipment Company was founded in 1970 by William B. Beard Sr. as a John Deere Construction and Forestry dealer. The first dealership was located in Pensacola, Florida. Operations grew to include Panama City in 1972, Mobile, Alabama in 1982, Freeport in 2004, Jacksonville, Lake City and Palatka in 2011, Tallahassee and Perry in 2014, and Ocala in 2015. Mr. Beard believed in taking care of customers and having agreements based on handshakes. He felt that the two most important company assets are the relationship with our customers and having high quality employees. The company continues to operate with these values at the core of our philosophy.
Beard Family Three generations of the Beard family have operated the business for nearly 50 years and the family approach to customers and employees is a key ingredient to our success. Today more than 300 hard working employees serve customers across all of our equipment divisions. They are all linked by one common goal: Focusing on our customer and their equipment needs.
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