Beard Equipment

Hybrid Fairway Mowers 8000A E-Cut

Get the control and the results that you’ve always dreamed of.

Now your presence can be felt on every part of your course. That’s the control you get with the new 8000A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mower from John Deere. Thanks to our TechControl display, no matter who is operating the mower, you can easily program it to mow and turn at exact speeds – and so much more.

The John Deere 8000A E-Cut takes high-performance hybrid technology from the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Riding Greens Mower and incorporates it into fairway mowing. The 8000A E-Cut utilizes a 48-V, 180-amp alternator to power the cutting units via electric motors, eliminating all hydraulic leak points from the reel circuit, where 90 percent of all hydraulic leaks occur. Five 18-in. Quick-Adjust 5 (QA5) cutting units create a mowing swath of 80 in., which is 20-in.less than traditional fairway mowers, creating a narrow, greens-like striping appearance. Contour following is excellent with the 18-in. QA5 cutting units, meaning fewer opportunities for turf damage in undulating terrain.

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