Beard Equipment

Crawler Dozers 764 HSD

Accelerated productivity standard, racing stripes optional.

Feeling the need for speed? Get a 764 High-Speed Dozer. This one-of-a-kind machine finish-grades and dozes up to twice as fast as a traditional crawler. Articulated-frame steering and purpose-built four-track oscillating undercarriage make it highly maneuverable. Long-life rubber tracks enable it to traverse hard surfaces such as concrete without damage. And travel to the next task at speeds up to 16 mph.

You won't have to pound the pavement to keep the 764 busy, either. Standard equipped with medium-duty Category 4 drawbar and flow-adjustable rear hydraulics, this highly versatile taskmaster works well with a wide variety of pull-type attachments. Looking for a way to fast-track your productivity? Talk to your John Deere dealer about the 764. There's nothing else like it.

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